The latest IP management solution in the cloud

IPzen is the latest cloud-based software platform for intellectual property law firms and corporate businesses that are seeking a solution to managing their data and mundane paper trails

Pzen’s business development manager Catherine Goodwin-Gracia talked to Sarah Poole, principal and founder of Marquette IP in Australia, and John Warrink, CEO and founder of INTERRO Investigations in the Netherlands. Both firms have been clients since the global launch of IPzen in May at the International Trademark Association Annual Meeting in San Diego.

How did you find out about IPzen?

Sarah Poole: I was in Paris in April visiting law firms to discuss potential business partnerships prior to heading to the International Trademark Association (INTA) Annual Meeting in San Diego, when I was introduced to the software.

Marquette is a boutique intellectual property law firm in Melbourne, Australia, that I founded almost a year ago. In the lead up to INTA, I was just starting to consider software options for docketing my firm’s deadlines, in order to manage our growing trademark portfolio. It was the perfect time to be introduced to IPzen as I was beginning to consider what cost-effective options were out there, especially coming from a large law firm where a lot of the systems are internally designed with big budgets. As a fairly new IP boutique with a growing portfolio of trademarks to manage, I was looking for a solution that could be cost effective for us.

John Warrink: As a professional investigator, I serve many brand owners from all over the world in their challenge to fight counterfeits. I visited the INTA Annual Meeting in San Diego and that’s where I first came across IPzen. At the time, I was already in serious need of a case management system solution that could make the administrative life of my work as an investigator easier. Also, as a corporate firm, I was looking for a realistic and cost-effective solution that could work for me.

When I met the team at the IPzen booth, I had an excellent overview presentation. I found the team professional, friendly and understanding to my needs, especially as I am not a lawyer. They were able to connect with me as an investigator with expertise on a corporate level. It was at that moment that IPzen caught my attention.

When did you start using the IPzen platform?

Poole: The IPzen team got in touch with me after INTA in May and we went ahead and set up a conference call between Paris and Melbourne. I was already impressed with the cloud-based functionality of the system from the demonstrations that IPzen held at their INTA booth. They followed up promptly with an overview and initial training session.

The IPzen software product modules include IPzen Professionals, which is tailored for larger firms for managing an unlimited number of trademark and domain names, and then there is IPZen Essentials, a package designed for companies with fewer trademarks or domain names.

In addition, IPzen has a domain name watch service that covers standard watches for legacy TLDs, new gTLDs and country code TLDs, and offers an advanced watch service that in addition to the standard watches can also make the watch platform accessible to your clients.

At Marquette, I have been confidently using the IPzen Essentials solution modules for the past few months.

Is IPzen making a difference for you and your business?

Poole: IPzen is very user-friendly. The system has been designed in consideration of the complete lifecycle of the various IP processes. I was particularly impressed with the platform’s ability to notify me on global updates regarding recent changes in IP laws as they occur across every country in the world.

As IP lawyers, we need to remain up-to-date and well versed on changes occurring worldwide, and how those changes could affect a client’s rights. IPzen allows us to keep watch on what’s happening globally, as well as manage the progress of our trademark portfolios, deadlines and billings.

We are using the trademark case management module, which includes our files snapshot, agenda, calendar of deadlines, contacts directory and admin segments, as well as invoicing. Overall, I have been looking for software that is able to create and store files, manage deadlines and watch alerts. IPzen does exactly that.

The IPzen platform also allows for more than one lawyer to work on the same case files simultaneously, sharing information as needed, so it acts really well as a backup solution when a lawyer is absent or on vacation, ensuring the client is kept up-to-date as required.

The platform is easily accessible for both lawyers in the firm and clients from anywhere in the world via the internet.

Most importantly, the IPzen platform offers secured and protected access to confidential and sensitive information. Our clients trust us to safeguard their secrets, so we need to be sure that the technology we use can honour that.

It’s just so practical to see everything in one place and to know where we are in the lifecycle of our trademarks. The trademark module offers full access to a trademark portfolio. It allows a quick overview of the protection status of a sign as well as detailed information on the registered title or current registration information.

As a consequence of introducing the IPzen management solution to my firm, I have more time available to spend advising my clients. I can see IPzen becoming the centre of our day-to-day IP management processes and in keeping with our relationship with our clients.

It’s a great time management tool and with the newly added invoice feature, I’m able to get an automatic update that is easily exported to a report format for my financial controller and clients.

IPzen has definitely improved the efficiency of our business and I would not hesitate to recommend it to other IP professionals in the industry.

Warrink: Definitely. I have given access to some of my clients, who are now actively using the IPzen platform too. Updates in files are monitored by my clients and they are able to send instructions to me, which makes the process of managing cases much more efficient.

Photos that I take after performing test purchases or seizures are uploaded, and in a very short time my clients can confirm if a test is counterfeit or genuine. This keeps my work up to speed, which is so important to an investigator, and this keeps my clients happy.

I have less administration to do, which saves me time, and therefore my clients get the advantage of paying less for time spent. IPzen is a perfect database for me, in which I can keep records on infringers, IP addresses, and more. This makes it easier for me to recognise sellers, and find connections between various advertisers and sellers.

IPzen also gives me the opportunity to keep a track of cease and desist letters so that they can be followed up. IPzen is time saving, cost saving, well-designed IP management solution.

IPzen is an IP and management software developed by Harbor Technologies. Designed by lawyers, it is a cloud-hosted, web-based tool. IPzen includes all of the features required by trademark lawyers and more. It is a modular system available in both enterprise and law firm editions, as well as a service in a shared environment.

If you would like to know how IPzen could make a difference to your business, don’t hesitate to contact the IPzen team by telephone at +33 1 84 17 45 32 or email at

We are offering free demonstrations with a free one-month trial period.
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