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IPzen is the latest, most flexible, user-friendly and cost effective web-based IP management system in the cloud. Designed by Lawyers, IPzen has the capability to automate the entire IP life cycle for managing and docketing files, trademarks, domain names and copyrights. It is a powerful platform enabling collaborative work for any law firm or corporation to access their data and to focus on cases and legal matters rather than on administrative tasks for managing portfolios.

IPzen is a web-based tool, cloud hosted and available as a SaaS solution. It allows you to securely access your data from anywhere, at anytime, from any electronic device using a browser. Being an internet platform, IPzen can consolidate and summarise all information that IP law firms or organisations use to process. As a modular system, IPzen is comprised of a docketing system, trademark management module, domain name management module, a diary to track deadlines and a monitoring module consolidating the entire trademark monitoring results.

The Law Firm Edition includes specific features to control information published to clients and therefore guarantees confidentiality. Information may be published for clients allowing users to access their data online and to save time on reporting. IPzen enables records traceability and instructions received by email and/or directly via the platform. Rights management is particularly fine-tuned, especially in managing users' access to certain folders or trademarks.

The IPzen software enables our clients to easily access their data to focus on legal matters and spend more quality time advising their clients, rather than wasting time and energy sifting through paper trails and other mundane administrative tasks while trying to manage portfolios.

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