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Founded in 2004 by Nathalie Dreyfus, Dreyfus quickly became one of the top Intellectual Property law firms in France. Dreyfus team is well equipped to assist companies with particular expertise in IP/IT matters in France, the European Union and worldwide.

In an increasingly complex economic and legal environment, it has become imperative to efficiently protect, enhance and defend the essential assets of a company. Dreyfus purpose is to support its clients with all the flexibility and reactivity that its structure allows, while offering the most up-to-date skill-sets, especially regarding international issues in the field of new technologies.

When confronting problems, Dreyfus assists its clients through the decision-making process concerning the management and valorization of their intellectual property titles, in the business realm and on the internet.

With a Worldwide network, Dreyfus will represent companies in arbitration centers and courts all over the world. In terms of trademarks, designs, patents, copyrights, domain names, new gTLDs, social networks, Google Adwords and IT.

Advising major traditional industrial actors as well as small and medium-sized firms impacted by the rise of e-commerce and the increasing use of trademarks on the web, Dreyfus has mastered all the issues related to the internet presence of companies.

In addition, Dreyfus has established the Dreyfus IPweb® internet platform, an intuitive and interactive tool. This platform aims to consolidate and summarize all the information available to Dreyfus clients.

The firm’s expertise, investment and creativity ensure optimal management of the trademarks and models and domain names portfolios. Dreyfus is probably the most advanced French firm in the area of the management and protection of Intellectual Property Rights.

Business areas:

Domain names
New gTLDs
Software, Data Base and IT
Priority search
Registration, renewal, recovery
Monitoring services: internet, social networks, Google Adwords
Contracts negotiation and drafting
Internet and social networks presence strategy
Arbitration and Expertise

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