BDK Advokati / Attorneys at Law

BDK Advokati / Attorneys at Law

Dobračina 38
11000 Belgrade

Bogdan Ivanišević

+381 11 3284 212


BDK Advokati / Attorneys at Law („BDK“) is a full-service law firm with offices in Belgrade (Serbia), Podgorica (Montenegro) and Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina). While the firm has provided legal assistance in intellectual property matters since the inception in 2004, the stand-alone IP practice in the firm was established in early 2012.

We pride ourselves on taking an innovative approach to practising IP law in the region of South East Europe. BDK has been closely following on developments concerning IP law at the E.U. level, and in such leading jurisdictions as the United States, France, and the United Kingdom, in the field of trademark, copyright, design, plant breeders’ rights, IP in cyberspace, and IP licensing law. The width of expertise and the scrupulousness with which BDK keeps track of the contemporary debates concerning various aspects of the IP law is our distinguishing feature, as any visitor to BDK’s IP law blog – the only specialized IP blog in the region – can easilly determine.

Additional address:
Bul. Džordža Vašingtona 51
81000 Podgorica
Republic of Montenegro
Tel/fax: (+382 20) 230 396

Banja Luka
Gundulićeva 6
78 000 Banja Luka
Republika Srpska
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel: (+387 51) 250 641
Fax: (+387 51) 250 642

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They may not come into direct contact with goods, but they are regularly found liable for trademark infringement in Serbia if the goods turn out to be counterfeit. Bogdan Ivanišević and Ana Petković of BDK Advokati / Attorneys at Law explain