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Long Bien District

Ms Phuong Viet Tran

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Since 2006, Duong & Tran has been registered with National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP) to practice Intellectual Property. Today, Duong & Tran is one of the prominent law firms in Vietnam specializing in intellectual property. We offer professional services with our ethos; honesty and sincerity to our clients all over the world.

Services covering all aspects of legal registration and protection of Copyrights, Patents, Industrial Designs, Trademarks, Geographical Indications, Integrated Circuit Layouts and Plant Varieties. We are also well known for our effectiveness dealing with prosecution and disputes relating to Patents, Trademarks, Designs and Copyrights in Vietnam as well as other territory.

Humble by our decade of profound experience, Duong & Tran has helped clients to resolve their concerns with our professional pool of team members, consist of highly-qualified lawyers, attorneys, and other specialists in a broad range of technologies field, including Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, Mechanics, Medical Devices, Electronics, Computers, Semiconductors, Optics, Telecommunications and Arts. Whatever size of your cases can be, you can rest assure of getting the best results proven by our track record and industry reputation.

Our mission statement; Service Quality, Efficiency and Professionalism in all we do, has always been our focal point. And one of the greatest efforts we have been sustaining is to translate our firm name Duong & Tran into QUALITY. We do it by using client-oriented approach which helps to deliver high-quality of services in the shortest possible time.

Embedded with a combination of highly expertise and perfect understanding of our clients’ requirements, we believe the success of Duong & Tran is through investment in training and human resource development as our key pillar. As such, Duong & Tran welcome talents in various fields and all walks of life to join our esteem firm.

Ultimately, CLIENTS’ SATISFACTION is our goal. And satisfaction only happen when client are well served and efficiently assisted in, securing and promoting their IP value added from their respective business operations. With this relief, has turn Duong & Tran into a promising rising star in Vietnam and to the rest of the world.