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Peksung Intellectual Property Ltd., a boutique intellectual property law form, offers a full spectrum of premium intellectual property services that cover all facets related to patent, trademark, design, copyright, trade secret, licensing, technology transfer, enforcement, anti-counterfeiting, etc. for domestic and overseas clients. Peksung is home to a diversified team consisting of reputable and dedicated intellectual property professionals that bring together academic, industrial as well as professional experience. Our patent attorneys have substantial expertise in virtually all technical fields. Talented patent attorneys, trademark attorneys and attorneys-at-law, all with years of professional experience, provide service in both prosecution and litigation. Since its establishment, Peksung has taken the leading role in issues which are at the forefront of the ever-changing intellectual property world that entails great breadth of expertise and in-depth understanding of law and technology. Peksung has rapidly evolved into a benchmark intellectual property service provider recognized by our peers and our clients as a firm of both scholarship and entrepreneurship.
What have it covered:
• Jurisdictions
• Peksung strategically offers intellectual property services in mainland China,Hong Kong,Macao,Taiwan. Our clients also benefit from Peksung’s established network of overseas associates for their IP need on an international basis.
• Technical Areas
• Peksung professionals work in virtually all technical areas: agrochemicals, biotechnology, chemistry, computer hardware and software, electronics, energy, material science, mechanics, medical devices, metallurgy, pharmaceutics, physics, semiconductor, telecommunication.
• Languages
• Peksung professionals are proud to work in the following languages: Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, in particular, Peksung is able to provide original patent drafting service in Chinese, English, Japanese or Korean.
• Patent
• Drafting patent applications
• Prosecuting patent applications
• Preparing drawings or photographs for design applications
• Re-examination proceedings
• Invalidation proceedings
• Opinions on patentability, anti-counterfeiting and administrative enforcement
• Infringement litigation
• Litigation on patent right dispute
• Licensing and technology transfer
• Designing corporate patent strategies
• Corporate patent portfolio management
• Due diligence
• Searching and watching services
• Annuity payment and reminding services
• Trademark
• Searching and rendering opinion on availability and registrability
• Designing marks in Roman words or in Chinese characters
• Prosecuting trademark applications
• Watching services and reporting
• Renewal
• Recordal of change if name and address of proprietor
• Recordal of license contact of registered trademark
• Recordal of registered or pending trademark
• Review against rejection of trademark applications
• Opposition proceedings
• Cancellation proceedings
• Dispute on registered trademark
• Infringement investigation, anti-counterfeiting and administrative enforcement
• Litigation against decision of the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board
• Infringement litigation
• Designing and implementing corporate trademark strategies
• Corporate trademark portfolio management
• Copyright
• Registration of copyright
• Registration of copyright of computer software
• Assignment, license or inheritance
• Opposition proceedings
• Infringement investigation and administrative enforcement
• Infringement litigation
• At Peksung, we believe it only takes a bit care to make a difference, care given to our clients as well as to our work. • Peksung Care means quality assured work, responsiveness, and personalized service.
• Peksung team takes pride in the following:
• Quality service, more than quality work
• In-house quality assurance program
• Right advice at the right level
• Superior language skills
• Renown for post-grant procedures
• Scholarly yet pragmatic approach
• Peksung boasts combined expertise and service simply because we know and we care.