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The Firm
R K Dewan & Co (RKD) was founded in 1942 and has completed over 72 years of committed and excellent service in the field of IP rights.

RKD has its head office in Mumbai, with branch offices in New Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata and Indore. RKD is well poised to serve its 4,000-plus corporate and individual clients worldwide, including several of the top Indian and other Fortune 500 companies. The firm is assisted by a complement of 100 dedicated and painstakingly trained lawyers, patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, engineers, scientists, paralegals and executives equipped to deliver promptly and efficiently.

RKD has built a close-knit, dependable and extensive network of associates in India and in over 125 countries throughout the world. We are therefore able to facilitate national and international IP filing and prosecution and domestic and trans-border litigation across all tiers of the judiciary.

Our Services
RKD believes in offering customised, cost- effective and innovative solutions across all verticals of intellectual property. RKD actively advises clients on every aspect of intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and design. The firm regularly handles large volumes of both IP prosecution and litigation matters on behalf of its many clients.

Having drafted and successfully prosecuted over 5,000 patent specifications globally, head of RKD Mohan Dewan has come to be acknowledged as an expert in the field of patent specification drafting. Dr Dewan leads the RKD team in consistently formulating and executing winning India-centric strategies for IP prosecution and litigation in the country.

Niti Dewan oversees international patent filing and prosecution, along with patent searching. She has successfully prosecuted patent applications in over 97 countries worldwide.

Trademark attorneys at RKD, advocates M R Nair, Dinesh Nair and M K Rajeev have a combined work experience of 75 years between them with respect to prosecution and litigation in India and abroad.

Advocate Nirbhay Bhardwaj is an astute litigator with over 35 years of experience in the IP field, and has handled numerous cases at the Delhi High Court & across India especially with respect to trademarks & copyrights.

On the patents side, RKD is the largest filer of domestic Indian patent applications, including for the government of India, specifically the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. We are therefore well equipped to assist clients in every manner with the nuances of the Indian patent system. RKD is also among the top five Patent Cooperation Treaty filers in India.

On the trademarks side, RKD is a pioneer of trademark anti-counterfeiting activity in India. RKD has a network of diligent investigators and local lawyers across the country to monitor piracy and take timely and efficient action in any court in India (including all 645 district courts in the country).

  • Patents

  • Trademarks and service marks

  • Copyright

  • Designs

  • IP litigation

  • Anti-counterfeiting

  • Agreement drafting

  • Technology transfer

  • IP valuation

  • IP audit

  • Prior art, patentability and freedom to operate searches

  • Technology maps & White space analysis

  • IP training and education

  • To view our services in detail, visit our website or view our online Brochure here: http://www.rkdewan.com/RKD-Brochure.pdf

    Areas of expertise
    RKD serves clients across a broad spectrum of industries and all areas of technology, including but not limited to:
  • Software, Electronics & Telecommunications

  • Automotives & Mechanical Engineering

  • Heavy Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Building & Construction

  • Defense Equipment

  • Power & Alternative Energy

  • Petrochemicals & Speciality Chemicals

  • Pharmaceuticals and Biomedical Devices

  • Biotechnology & Biochemistry

  • Nanotechnology

  • Garments & Textiles

  • Food Packaging Technology

  • Agriculture

  • Process equipment

  • Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs)

  • Hospitality industry

  • Entertainment & Media

  • Fashion & Luxury Goods

  • RKD is highly sought after for its values of responsiveness, attention to detail, client- centric culture, adaptability to changing IP landscapes and transparency and honesty in all of our dealings.

    We invite you to contact us if you have require information or have any questions about IP in India.

    Additional contacts

    Dr Niti Dewan
    Head of Patents | Patent & Trademark Attorney
    Email: niti_dewan@rkdewanmail.com
    Tel: +91 (20) 66871200 / 24
    M: +91 9823074514

    Ms Disha Dewan
    Patent Attorney & Business Development Executive
    Email: disha@rkdewanmail.com
    Landline: +91 (20) 66871200 /89
    Mobile: +91 9923434565