22 May 2017
Reporter: Barney Dixon

INTA reveals 2018-2021 strategic plan

INTA has seen impressive growth and success in the past three years, but more can be done as the association maps out what it wants to achieve by 2021, INTA president Joe Ferretti and CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo said in Barcelona.

In the opening ceremony of INTA’s 2017 Annual Meeting, the executives unveiled the association's strategic plan for 2018 to 2021, focusing on three key pillars.

The first is to promote the value of trademarks and brands and “ensure the value of the business model of brands”, said Sanz de Acedo.

In its strategic plan, INTA outlined how companies and consumers need “strong laws, efficient registration and protection mechanisms and well trained and equipped IP offices”.

With globalisation accelerating alongside the rise of the internet, INTA said that the harmonisation of laws and convergence of practices worldwide is important for better access to protection.

“INTA will be a facilitator of best practices as well as a platform for exchange of ideas and solutions to ensure a more consistent and certain legal environment,” according to the strategic plan.

Secondly, the association is aiming to reinforce consumer trust, most importantly by making trademarks a “source of information” and brands as “promises of delivery”.

This requires the underlining of the contribution that brands make to to economies and society. INTA will promote the positive side of IP, “namely its contribution to GDP, employment and social welfare around the world”.

Finally, the association will aim to embrace innovation and change.

According to INTA’s strategic plan, companies and consumers are embracing innovation at a faster pace than ever, and INTA is dedicated to monitoring change and innovation, assessing its impact on brands, and providing support and value to its members.

The association will use a combination of advocacy, lobbying and education to achieve these goals, and with the opening of its Latin America office recently, INTA’s global reach is only increasing.

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