Los Angeles
19 November 2014
Reporter: Mark Dugdale

Consumer website takes a shot at eBay over fakes

Internet users should be cautious when purchasing goods on auction website eBay, according to a new report.

Consumer protection website The Counterfeit Report (TCR) conducted a nine-month investigation into eBay and found more than 250 counterfeit products advertised and sold on the auction site.

TCR found fake Apple USB charges on sales, as well as SanDisk devices including a 64GB SanDisk memory card, which the company has confirmed does not exist in its product line.

The consumer protection website purchased the fake products and informed eBay of their existence, but it allegedly did not respond.

“The eBay community would be much better served if eBay put consumer protection before profits with aggressive proactive research, harsh penalties for sellers and appropriately staffed anti-counterfeiting efforts,” stated TCR.

During the beginning of the investigation, eBay reportedly blocked counterfeit alert tips published by the TCR, claiming an eBay office-of-the-president said it “violated the spirit of eBay”.

TCR recommends avoiding “all branded product purchases from unathorised sellers on eBay”, adding “Buy from the manufacturer direct.”

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