15 March 2013
Reporter: Mark Dugdale
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Thomson Reuters adds Asian patent records

The IP and science business of Thomson Reuters has added English-translated patent records from Vietnam and Thailand, as well as Malaysian full-text patents, to the Thomson Innovation platform.

The platform already includes English translations of Japanese, South Korean and Chinese records and scientific literature.

“With numerous languages, and hard-to-obtain patent records, Southeast Asia poses a serious challenge for IP professionals researching the region for IP market opportunities,” said Cynthia Murphy, senior vice president for the IP solutions business of Thomson Reuters. “We are committed to supporting clients who conduct business in these emerging markets and are proud to be the only solution provider to offer accurate, value-added, full-text patent translations in English from a multilingual team of certified translation professionals.”

Thomson Reuters is planning to expand the patent coverage of its platform later in the year with another two sets of content, including other emerging markets in Southeast Asia.

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