24 October 2016
Reporter: Barney Dixon
BMW ignores red light
BMW has infringed two patents relating to smart home technology and mobile applications, according to a lawsuit filed by West View Research in California.

The complaint, filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of California on 17 October, alleges that despite BMW’s knowledge of the existence of the patents, “[BMW] continues to encourage, instruct, enable and otherwise aid and abet third parties ... in a manner that directly infringes.”

West View alleged that BMW infringed the patents through its vehicles, services and software, including its BMW Assist, Online and iDrive products, and through partnership with Samsung in vehicle/smart home integration.

“[BMW] knew and know that their actions ... would induce, have induced and continues to induce direct infringement of the patent[s],” West View claimed in its complaint.

It said that the acts of patent infringement are causing “irreparable harm” to West View and will continue to do so until BMW is prohibited from infringing.

West View initiated a separate action against BMW in 2014, in which it alleged infringement of several patents, but the case is still pending.

West View is an inventorship and patent licensing company located in San Diego, California, according its its website.

Its patent portfolio consists of numerous issued patents and pending applications including “groundbreaking” technology relating to speech recognition, mobile wireless devices, radio frequency identification/near-field communication, wireless payment, telematics, advertising, maps and navigation, ‘smart’ shipping technology, elevators, and medical devices.

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