22 March 2017
Reporter: Barney Dixon

CJCH to spearhead anti-piracy HQ

CJCH Solicitors will spearhead a new global IP anti-piracy headquarters in Cardiff, backed by £432,000 from the Welsh government.

The firm, which was formed in 2013, has gained a reputation with its anti-piracy and compliance department, which will now form the core of the new business, CJCH Ltd.

Wales economy secretary Ken Skates said: “IP piracy, which can range from copyright theft or infringement to counterfeit goods, is a growing global issue that can cause untold damage to businesses, to their protected and valued brands and to the economy.”

“I am delighted the Welsh government is supporting this investment—we already have the UK Intellectual Property Office headquartered in Newport and this new development can only enhance Wales’s standing as a leading authority in IP as well as a centre of innovation in the business of law and cyber security.”

The investment will create 71 jobs by 2020 and offer new employment opportunities for law graduates in Wales.

Stephen Clarke, senior partner at CJCH Solicitors, said: “For some time now our team have concerned ourselves with the growing void in awareness and business readiness in relation to cyber security, intellectual property and data protection.”

“Cyber crime is not going to go away, rather it is going to evolve, getting more sophisticated, aggressive and invasive. It is our mission to stay ahead of online criminals and endeavour to protect the intellectual property of the global community.”

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