18 October 2017
Reporter: Barney Dixon

Netflix, Fox and Amazon sue TickBox IPTV box

Netflix, Fox and Universal are among seven entertainment companies joining together to sue Android TV streaming box, TickBox TV, for copyright infringement.

TickBox TV, which styles itself as harnessing “the power of Android TV, Kodi and Sidetick.TV”, promises to help those who are frustrated with “overpriced cable bills” by providing users with a content filled home theatre system, with apps such as Netflix, YouTube and HBO Now.

However, in the complaint, the group, which also includes Columbia, Disney, Warner Bros and Amazon, argued that TickBox was urging its customers to use TickBox TV as a tool for “mass infringement”.

It said: “What TickBox actually sells is nothing less than illegal access to Plaintiffs’ copyrighted content. It works like this: TickBox distributes and promotes the TickBox TV ‘box’, the black box in the right-hand side of TickBox’s ad shown above.”

“TickBox TV uses software to link TickBox’s customers to infringing content on the Internet. When those customers use TickBox TV as defendant intends and instructs, they have nearly instantaneous access to multiple sources that stream Plaintiffs’ Copyrighted Works without authorisation.”

According to the complaint, TickBox provides the “hallmarks” of authorised streaming services, but customers only pay money to TickBox, not to the entertainment companies and other content creators, which TickBox’s business depends on.

TickBox’s website stated that the device is “perfectly legal” as it provides a hardware platform for users to utilise Kodi and download add-ons.

TickBox explained that the hardware “does not offer file-sharing, copyright or sharing of content streamed to the device”.

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