San José
10 July 2017
Reporter: Barney Dixon
Costa Rican registry complains of US ‘insults’
Costa Rica’s .cr internet registry has accused the US government of harassment and personal insults directed towards its executive director over The Pirate Bay’s .cr domain.

Academia Nacional de Ciencias (NIC) Costa Rica, which has managed the .cr domain since 1990, penned a letter to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’s (ICANN) Government Advisory Committee (GAC) to complain about repeated requests from the the US embassy in Costa Rica to take down

NIC has so far refused to comply, citing its domain name policy.

The US Department of Commerce, which oversees US embassies around the world, has already urged the Costa Rican Ministry of Commerce to investigate why NIC refuses to remove the domain.

The Ministry found that NIC was acting following “best practices and has clear mechanisms to take down domain names that require a local court order”.

NIC said in its letter that US embassy representative Kevin Ludeke has threatened to close the registry and directed personal negative comments to NIC’s executive director, “based on no clear evidence or statistical data to support his claims as a way to pressure our organisation to take down the domain name without following our current policies”.

NIC said it will only remove the domain name when ordered by the courts of Costa Rica.

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