26 January 2016
Reporter: Mark Dugdale
Anti-cybersquatting service gives brands a boost
Accent Media, the registry for .tickets, has launched a new anti-cybersquatting service that allows rights holders to contest the purchase of their trademarks as domain names.

Domains Watch, which is live for .tickets domains and has already been used by Disney, Ticketfly, Nascar and AXS, holds registered domains in limbo for 30 days to allow rights holders to contest their rights.

Rights holders with evidence of their rights can receive their domain names within five days.

Registered domain names are published on and can be challenged for a fee. Domains Watch assesses the case if an opposition is filed during the 30-day period.

Domains Watch is a first-come, first-served system, so two applications for the same domain name will always go the original applicant provided it can provide evidence of its rights.

Steve Machin, co-CEO of Accent Media, commented: “Domains Watch represents an important step in the evolution towards creating an open and safe space on the internet for rights holders and the rights protection community.”

“Our early successes working with some of the world’s leading brands have demonstrated that this is a truly invaluable offering.”

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