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Michelle Lee addresses time fraud at USPTO
19 August 2014 | Alexandria
The US Patent and Trademark Office acting director Michelle Lee has spoken out against claims that patent examiners were taking advantage of the telework system... readmore

Digital music industry will experience slow growth
19 August 2014 | London
The digital music industry will experience slow growth in revenue over the next 5 years, according to a new report by Juniper Research. readmore

Withers & Rogers opens in Munich
19 August 2014 | Munich
Withers & Rogers LLP has opened a new office in Munich, with Karl Barnfather, chairman, working there permanently... readmore

IPO prevails in passing off claim
19 August 2014 | London
The UK Intellectual Property (IPO) has prevailed in Intellectual Property Enterprise Court against action against two separate entities Patent and Trade Mark Office and Patent and Trade Mark Organisation... readmore

Microsoft talks IE rebrand on Reddit
18 August 2014 | Silicon Valley
The Internet Explorer team discussed the negative reputation surrounding Microsoft’s browser and confirmed that internally they had debated changing the name on Reddit... readmore

Biris Goran promotes lawyer to partner
18 August 2014 | Romania
Biris Goran has promoted intellectual property lawyer Ana Maria Andronic to partner... readmore

Consumers fear 'dangerous' new gTLDs
14 August 2014 | London
Forty percent of consumers believe the launch of the new gTLDs will make the internet a more dangerous place, according to a report by NetNames... readmore

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Waiting game
05 August 2014
3D printing is almost here. But how will it affect intellectual property? readmore

Harvest success in a field of chaos: the digitalisation of trademarks
05 August 2014
Nathalie Dreyfus of Dreyfus examines the journey that trademarks make once they leave the realm of the real readmore

Weighed and measured, but will it be found wanting?
05 August 2014
Where is the CJEU with Spain’s legal challenge to the unitary system? David Por of Allen & Overy finds out readmore

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05 August 2014
How should you draft a Chinese patent application for a computer program invention? Stephen Yang of Peksung IP offers some solutions readmore

24 June 2014
Sergey Medvedev of Gorodissky & Partners examines the Russian IP Court’s ruling on the protection of database content in social media readmore

10 June 2014
Maria del Carmen Arana Courrejolles of Estudio Colmenares & Asociados explains how to protect non-traditional marks in Peru readmore

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05 August 2014
Following the World Cup 2014, FIFA reveals that it was a job well done as far as its sponsors are concerned, and why fake tickets continue to plague events readmore

Elisa Cooper
22 July 2014
Elisa Cooper of MarkMonitor discusses the takeaway topics from last month’s ICANN meeting in London, with accountability high on the agenda... readmore

Matthieu Aubert
10 June 2014
Registries are considering introducing their own services to complement the TMCH. Matthieu Aubert of Mailclub examines the possible consequences readmore

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